Selected research & writings

Science, Technology & Health Equity

"Public health in an era of Big Tech: A call for a 'Health in All Policies' approach," C. Holzmeyer, The Pump Handle: A water cooler for the public health crowd, August 17, 2021. 

"Beyond ‘AI for Social Good’ (AI4SG): Social Transformations – Not Tech Fixes – for Health Equity," C. Holzmeyer, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, March 2021.

Investigating STEM: Health Equity as Touchstone for the Future,” C. Holzmeyer, Boom California, 2017.

“The Crockett-Rodeo Real-Time Health Monitoring Study: Summary of Findings,” C. Holzmeyer, 2018.

Open Science?

“Open Science Initiatives: Challenges for Public Health Promotion,” C. Holzmeyer, Health Promotion International, 2018.

“Wider Worlds of Research for Health Equity: Public Health NGOs as Stakeholders in Open Access Ecosystems,” C. Holzmeyer, The Journal of Community Informatics, 2018.

“In an Age of Open Access to Research Policies: Physicians and Public Health NGO Staff Research Use and Policy Awareness,” L. Moorhead1, C. Holzmeyer1, L. Maggio, R. Steinberg, and J. Willinsky, Public Library of Science (PLOS) One, 2015.

“From Scientific Research in Education to the Open Science Movement: Science as Touchstone and Buzzword,” C. Holzmeyer and J. Willinsky, in Tobin, K. & Steinberg, S. R., Eds., Doing educational research: A handbook (Second edition). Rotterdam, NL: Sense Publishing, 2015. 

Globalization & Human Rights

“Human Rights in an Era of Neoliberal Globalization: The Alien Tort Claims Act & Grassroots Mobilization in Doe v. Unocal,” C. Holzmeyer, Law & Society Review Vol. 43, Issue 2, 2009.